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Swiss Made Best Richard Mille RM 011 Replica

Inspired through the cutting-edge technologies utilized in F1 racing cars to make sure exceptional precision and rigidity, the Richard Mille RM 011 Replica automatic quality RMAC1 has become outfitted having a flyback chronograph function that enables a timing operation happening to become restarted without preventing the mechanism. This watch also has a variable geometry rotor, only at Richard Mille, which review optimises the winding from the barrel by adapting it towards the user's activities.

In 2013, Richard Mille presents a masterful reinterpretation from the RM 011 having a new material having a unique colour that has not been utilized in watchmaking before: brown plastic nitride.

Richard Mille RM 011 Replica

Brown plastic nitride is definitely an very hard material (1,500 Vickers) that shows high resistance not just to put on and corrosion, but additionally to severe temperature versions. Very lightweight, it's utilized in the car industry to create valves, turbocharger rotors along with other parts.

Its manufacturing process minimises porosity inside the raw material. The powder is created within an isostatic press in which a pressure of approximately 2,000 bars is used. The blank acquired by pressing will be heated to at least one,500'C. A deviation of 10'C in temperature can transform the physical qualities of plastic nitride at any time. After 12 hrs at extreme temps, the level of a component may have reduced by greater than 20%.

Plastic nitride can be used for that bezel and situation back from the RM 011. These parts are machined with gemstone tools that can handle carrying out the complex procedures needed through the barrel shape although guaranteeing strict tolerances as well as an exceptional situation finish (satin-brushing and microblasting).

The RM 011 Brown Plastic Nitride can be obtained from Richard Mille boutiques and also the brand's retailers.